Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

In line with the 2006-2007 Strategic Management Plan OHCHR closed its Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina in June 2007. OHCHR had opened its office in 1994 initially to service the mandate of the Special Rapporteur appointed by the Commission on Human Rights. Until the closure the Office operated according to the mandate established for it in the 1995 Dayton General Framework Agreement for Peace (GFAP). Most recently, the office focused on five areas of action, namely non-discrimination and women's rights; transitional justice; anti-trafficking; treaty body reporting; and protection of economic and social rights of vulnerable groups.

OHCHR Presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Given that OHCHR does not have a presence in BiH, we would like to draw you attention to the recent recommendations of the UN human rights mechanisms, addressed to BiH, which provide guidance on the most pertinent human rights issues in the country.

Universal Periodic Review (UPR): BiH underwent its 1st cycle in February 2010. While the country has not submitted a mid-term report on the implementation of UPR recommendations, it would be important to assess the recommendations' implementation status, also in a view of BiH's 2nd UPR cycle in autumn 2014. For ease of reference, please find attached a document with the 1st cycle UPR recommendations clustered by themes. It will give you a sense of the priority areas that came up in this peer-to-peer review process.

Special Procedures Mandate Holders (SPMH): In the period from 2010 onwards, as specified in your message, the following SPHM visited BiH: WG on enforced on involuntary disappearances (14-21 June 2010, A/HRC/16/48/Add.1), IE on minority issues (17-25 September 2012, A/HRC/22/49/Add.1) and SR on violence against women (29 October-5 November 2012, report forthcoming, press release), not to mention the on-going visit of the SR on cultural rights. Their recommendations can be found in the reports to the HRC, as well as (not all of them) in the Universal Human Rights Index database.

UN human rights treaty bodies: Since 2010, a number of treaty bodies reviewed BiH's periodic reports:

  • Human Rights Committee

     Concluding Observations (2012)

  • Committee on the Rights of the Child

     Concluding Observations (2012)
     Concluding observations - OPSC (2010)
     Concluding observations - OPAC (2010)

  • Committee on Migrant Workers 

     Concluding Observations (2012)

  • Committee against Torture

     Concluding observations (2010)

  • Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

     Concluding Observations (2010)

In terms of thematic clustering of their recommendations, again the Universal Human Rights Index database can be consulted. Here is a permanent link to the treaty body recommendations.