Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

FAO technical assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina is focused on policy advice, capacity building and support for the inclusion of family farms in short, high-quality food value chains.The Organization’s assistance also has a regional dimension, promoting cooperation, joint economic activities and mutual understanding among the countries of southeast Europe.

Community-based rural development – focusing on both national and local governments – is the focus of a project financed by Hungary and covering Livno Canton, Bosanko Grahovo, Glamoc, Livno, Kupres and Tomislavgrad. The project contributes to the development of integrated food value chains for quality products, ensuring long-term conservation of biodiversity and strengthening capacities for sustainable rural development.

In close cooperation with the European Commission FAO is contributing to preparation of forest and fisheries sector reviews under the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance in Rural Development (IPARD), emphasizing harmonization with EU legislation.

Flood Recovery

Following devastating floods in the spring of 2014, FAO has led the call for support to the agricultural sector, enabling vulnerable farm households to recover their livelihoods. Provision of veterinary medicines, animal fodder, seed and other inputs for food crops, and other activities are included in FAO’s response – financed from a combination of donor funding and the Organization’s own budget.

Other FAO Projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • "Recovery support to winter wheat production of flood affected farmers” is a project contributing to increased crop production and restoration of livelihoods for 2 000 vulnerable households living in flood-affected target areas.
  • “Assistance to Western Balkan Countries for Improving Compliance with International Standards for Aquatic Animal Health” supports policy discussions on the agricultural and rural development policies of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries in the EU pre-accession period.
  • “Streamlining of agriculture and rural development policies of southeast European countries for EU accession” supports policy discussions and establishes a platform for information exchange in the agriculture and food sector, involving responsible institutions and academics.

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