Along the Paths of Honey and Milk: Applying the Human Security Concept in Canton 10

Canton 10 is one of the least developed regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In order to improve living conditions and attain sustainable development, in September 2013, the United Nations (UN) agencies and their partners launched a project “Applying the Human Security Concept to Stabilise Communities in Canton 10”. The project is implemented by UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF and IOM, and financed by the UN Trust Fund for Human Security (UN TFHS).


In addition to concrete assistance to the target groups in this canton, the project also aims to solve social and economic problems of the population. By addressing social disparities and other factors of economic stagnation, the project aims to strengthen a sense of community, solidarity and equality, thus minimising the tensions and uncertainty felt by the population affected by poverty and lack of prospects.

The project tackles inequality in several areas: education, security, supporting economic development, and local authorities’ capacity building.

With the estimated budget of around $2.5 million, the project will run for three years, and counts on the support of partners and participants.