UN Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Miroslav Jenča completes visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

09 March 2019

United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Mr. Miroslav Jenča, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina on 7-8 March to meet with member of the Presidency Mr. Mladen Ivanic and other representatives of the Presidency; Chairman Mr. Nikola Lovrinovic, and members of the European Integration Committee of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly; Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Josip Brkic, High Representative Mr. Valentin Inzko; Peace Implementation Council members, Head of the OSCE Mission Mr. Bruce Berton and civil society representatives.

Mr. Jenča strongly underscored the importance of ensuring that the impressive gains made over the last two decades are not lost at this critical juncture. Viable compromises are urgently needed to ensure peaceful and democratic elections in October this year.

He emphasized the need for all stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina to redouble their efforts around genuine reconciliation and building bridges across a divided past, together – with a view toward a shared and peaceful future. The joint UN – Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina peacebuilding initiative, Dialogue for the Future, has created an important framework in this respect and should be further built upon including through regional activities.

The recent meetings between the leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other leaders in the region including with the Presidents of Croatia and Serbia in Mostar on 6 March is a “positive trend that should continue to strengthen trust, open dialogue and mutual understanding in the region and beyond."

The United Nations stands ready to continue support Bosnia and Herzegovina in implementing necessary reforms that will bring more opportunities, prosperity and security to its citizens, including the youth and women. “Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals would be an effective way of achieving such positive gains,” he noted.

Mr. Jenča appreciated the support of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the U.N. reforms launched by the Secretary-General and for its close cooperation with the United Nations Country Team.