Professional reporting on Refugees and Migrants is part of the solution

In response to an increased interest of the media in the growing number of arrivals of refugees and migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, UNHCR and IOM organized a joint meeting with BiH media

Jointly pointing out that currently Bosnia and Herzegovina is not facing a refugee and migrant crisis, but instead a manageable challenge for the BiH authorities, UNHCR Representative for SE Europe and Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Anne-Christine Eriksson, and IOM Western Balkans Coordinator and Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Peter Van Der Auweraert reteriated that the media are important partners in providing assistance to those in need. They also praised BiH society and the Border Police of BiH for the positive reaction and humanity shown to refugees and migrants up to date.

UNHCR and IOM also presented to representatives of more than 20 national, regional and international media outlets Guidelines for reporting on Refugees and Migrants, as recommendations on accurate, ethical, professional reporting about these sensitive issues. The five guidelines for reporting on Refugees and Migrants emphasise the need to ensure factual reporting, knowledge on legal framework related to refugees and migrants, a humane approach avoiding victimization, ensuring that the voices of refugees and migrants are heard and avoiding vocabulary and narrative that might incite hate.