Nature in the focus of the World Environment Day 2017!

Representatives of administrations and NGOs will gather in Sarajevo on 5 June in the Botanical Garden of the country’s National Museum. There, they will highlight the benefits brought by protecting nature, such as cleaner air and water, while viewing artistic performances inspired by nature.

Under the move to double the protected land area, a number of natural sites are selected for spatial designation, where development is to be strictly controlled and measures introduced to protect wildlife. New areas are shown on the map above in yellow and orange while existing ones are in grey.

This major initiative is part of a project run by UN Environment and the Global Environment Facility and will allow people to connect even more nature and enjoy the benefits it brings. From mountain peaks to the Adriatic Sea, bubbling thermal springs and crawling beetles, plants or fish unique to the country, Bosnia and Herzegovina is truly rich in nature.

In order to celebrate this year’s edition of World Environment Day, national parks in the Canton of Sarajevo will also be opened for free on 5 June – handing citizens the opportunity to explore such natural wonders.

Meanwhile, we all know that witnessing nature’s beauty can require a little patience or digging – whether waiting for an elusive bird to reappear or searching for worms or fungi underfoot.

In the same way, in order to support journalists digging for stories, a media workshop is being organised by UN Environment and partners at the Šabići School in Nature near Mt. Bjelašnica on 31 May. There, conservation professionals presented journalists with information on environmental issues rarely reported on, together with the human stories behind them.

In a bid to ensure good news for the environment in future, schools worldwide are bring invited to spark a passion for nature in their pupils and hold a lesson outdoors for World Environment Day – with Bosnia playing an active role. A green performance, games and planting activities are among activities planned in schools in the country around 5 June.

The Botanical Garden event is organized by the Environmental Protection Fund of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is supported by UN Environment and facilitated by McCann Sarajevo.

The theme to the 2017 edition of World Environment Day – the UN’s biggest event for awareness-raising and action for our planet - is ‘connecting people with nature’. Discover what events are taking place near your by visiting our website here.