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IMAGINE 2030 is an initiative of the UN team in Bosnia and Herzegovina, designed to promote the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Global Agenda through the use of “strategic foresight” and the innovative and interactive SDG consultations tool with elements and the dynamics of social games through which the participants create together, and in a very democratic manner, find imaginative solutions around a selected sustainable development goal or a specific task or a problem.

Strategic foresight uses future as a force of change in the present, and this approach has wide application in the advancement of policies and the processes of strategic planning. Through the process of imagining alternative and preferred futures with citizens throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, the goal is to create a sense of responsibility towards Sustainable Development Goals, and encourage actions that will lead to changes through individual and collective engagements.

Workshops are the primary form of work with participants through the use of SDG consultation tool. So far, nine (9) one-day workshops were held in the period from 24 October 2016 to 4 November 2016, at eight (8) locations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, namely: Vitez, Bihać, Banja Luka, Brčko, Tuzla, Sarajevo, Mostar and Trebinje. Participants from public, private and NGO sector attended the workshops, where they got acquainted with the Sustainable Development Goals, linked those goals and targets to the local context as well as their communities, but also discussed challenges and opportunities relevant to the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prioritization of individual and social values, activities, elements of the mechanisms that are needed to implement the activities and identification of potential challenges and opportunities for achieving a certain goal lead to the collection of extensive information and qualitative and quantitative data that will be the basis for the analysis and preparation of new materials for the follow-up activities in 2017.

In the meanwhile, we are running a contest titled Postcards from the Futures, through which citizens can send their visions of the futures, and 5 final winners will receive prizes valued at 500 BAM. The aim of the competition is to stimulate dialogue about the world that we want or that we might face, and in particular, the preferred future of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2030, by identifying trends, burning issues, the challenges of today and the possibilities of tomorrow, leading to the creation of joint solutions for a better future that “leaves no one behind”.
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