Pribelja near Glamoč: Two boys in a village with nine inhabitants

The village Pribelja, located on the slopes of the mountain Vitorog, 20 km away from Glamoč, had 233 inhabitants in 1991. Today, there are only nine inhabitants, among them also the three year old Mitar and his one and a half year old brother Duško. Their father Jovan and mother Dragana engage in cattle breeding.

''I came back here in 2000 after being displaced during the war, and have mostly been living here ever since. I engage in sheep breeding, we also have cows, and it is going well, I also have a man who is helping me with the sheep, and we are satisfied with the life here'', tells us Jovan Subašić, adding that they also have a possibility to live in Glamoč, but he does not see a perspective in the town. He receives the electricity needed for the house from solar panels and it is sufficient for basic needs. If they need to use devices that consume more electricity, they turn on the generator.

''I see in the news how companies and factories decay and here I have work to do and I do work that I like'', adds Jovan. He met his wife Dragana, who is from Prijedor, while he was studying forestry in Banja Luka. After getting married they chose to live in Pribelja. We visited them with a mobile team of the Red Cross Mobile Health Teams, established under the three-year project Applying the Human Security Concept to Stabilize Communities in Canton 10, financed by the UN Trust Fund for Human Security, and implemented by UN agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina – UNDP, UNICEF, IOM and UNHCR.

The team conducting the visit this time includes nurses Elvedina Erceg and Josipa Radoš. At the moment of the visit, the SUV of the team is not there because it was sent to Kupres where activities related to the data base were being completed in the field, as Dragan Damjanović from the Red Cross Mobile Health Teams tells us, so that this time Sanja Jukić from Forestry company Glamoc is driving the team in their SUV.

''We completed the data base and have registered 1,100 users, we have pediatric examinations twice per month at the outpatients' clinic, and there is also the Early Childhood Development Team, which conducts field visits'', says Damjanović. Elvedina and Josipa will conduct a medical checkup during the visit, and in case of need they would recommend the parents to bring their children for a pediatric examination to the town.

At the arrival to the home of the Subašić family, the little boy, Duško, was sleeping, and Mitar was shy during our first contact, so he went to the other room. However, the child's curiosity was stronger than his shyness, so he carefully joined us after Duško had woken up. Finally, he took us out to see the garden while the nurses were talking to his mother Dragana.

''Come over here to see the little birds!'', Mitar is inviting us to enter the shed next to the house and is showing us a small nest with birds in a corner. Then he is showing us the dogs, and he particularly likes Jazo.

''He was a stray dog, was hanging around, so we started feeding him, and now he is with us'', says Jovan, and Mitar has already run to the tractor and brought us two small toy trucks and showed us the toy car he drives in the garden. There is wind outside, so that the small boy, Duško, stayed in with his mom.

''He also likes to be outside when the weather is nice, they play with toys, like animals and they like going out with their dad and going for a ride'', says their mother Dragana.

Mitar and Duško are the only children in the village and the surroundings, and their father Jovan tells us that they spent the last winter in the village, except for some ten days, and their mother Dragana tells us that from time to time they go visiting her family in Prijedor, where they have an opportunity to play with children, and their father also takes them to Glamoč.

''Even when we go to Prijedor, the two of them stay together, they need some time to establish contact with other children, but after the second or third day, they are already playing with everyone'', says Dragana. She says that both boys are regularly vaccinated in Prijedor and that she would like if Mitar would start attending pre-school in a few years, and then go to primary school.

''I have the chance to also stay in Glamoč, we have a car, so that school will not be questionable, he will go and we can't wait!'', says their mother Dragana. After having talked to the mother and father about the overall health situation of the boys, Josipa and Elvedina inform them about the services that they may obtain free of charge at the outpatients' clinic and possibilities for pediatric examinations in case of need.

''Now we have a better contact with the family, they say that they had been at the outpatients' clinic several times, and we gave them basic information on the health protection they can get irrespective of the fact whether the children are insured or not'', says Elvedina Erceg after the visit, and Josipa Radoš adds that in spite of the fact that they live far from other children, the boys are well-integrated.

''They reacted well to a visit of someone they do not know well, communicated with us, and they also seem to be in perfect health, in compliance with their age, and their parents take care of them'', says Josipa.