Millennium Development Goals for Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The adoption of the Millennium Declaration by 189 members of the United Nations in September 2000 was an important moment for global cooperation in the twenty-first century. The Declaration outlined the crucial challenges that mankind faces at the threshold of a new millennium; articulated responses to these challenges; and established specific indicators to assess progress towards interrelated goals and tasks in development, governance, peace, security, and human rights.

MDGs Millennium Development Goals in BiH

Achievement of the MDG is especially important for BiH and its citizens, primarily due to the consequences of the war and the subsequent efforts aimed at achieving sustainable development. In 2003 BiH incorporated MDG indicators into its first Medium-Term Development Strategy 2004-2007 (PRSP) in order to monitor implementation of the Strategy.

In 2004 the UNDP prepared the ‘Millennium Development Goals in BiH Update – PRSP – Europe and Beyond’, which represented a step forward in linking MDG in BiH to the European integration process. The 2010 report on the analysis of the progress made towards achieving the goals further linked MDG with the development agenda of the country, as seen through the lens of EU Accession. The 2013 report highlights the progress made in achieving MDG in comparison to global, regional and EU trends. As one of the monitoring documents, it observes key development processes in the country since 2000 to date and offers general recommendations that require attention and action from BiH authorities and their partners.

The purpose of this report, apart from taking stock of the progress made towards achievement of the MDG, is also to stimulate discussion on comprehensive development issues in the country over the forthcoming period through the provision of the most reliable available data and information on trends identified in accordance with the data collected and analysed.


The UN in BiH was awarded four Joint UN Programmes funded by the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund (MDG-F) in the areas of:



Overall value of these four programmes was US$ 25 million.


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