Leading the floods recovery

 Factsheet - UNCT response to floods (PDF) June 2014Factsheet on UNCT response to floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina, issued in June 2014

In May 2014 the heaviest rainfall in more than a century hit Bosnia and Herzegovina, causing intense floods that affected 1 million people and destroyed infrastructure, businesses, livelihoods, farms and crops. In response to heavy rains and flooding throughout the country, the United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina was asked to assist with foreign assistance coordination, aiming to insure effective and quick resource mobilisation.


Since the beginning of the crisis, the United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina had worked closely with governments at all levels and crisis centres throughout the country.  


Together with the European Union and the World Bank we provided technical support to authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina for development of Recovery Needs Assessment.


The UN agencies worked in more than 60 affected municipalities helping to restore normal living conditions, support local economies and increase disaster resilience.


The UN agencies were leading floods recovery efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina through coordinating and implementation of the EU Floods Recovery Programme (EURO 43.5 million) and the UN Floods Recovery Programme "Danas za nas" (USD 22.6 million).


This page contains information about the deployment of assistance, news and updates on activities conducted in the field.



Response Phase

  • UN agencies provided in total 9.7 million USD for emergency humanitarian aid and for immediate recovery support
  • First UN plane with emergency equipment landed on 19th May followed by 5 more and truck convoys
  • UN network of field offices enabled provision of needed assistance to some 40 affected  municipalities
  • UN supported coordination of international humanitarian aid, provided technical expertise for response and assessments



Recovery Phase

United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina implemented two floods recovery programmes:

  • EU Floods Recovery Programme implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Programme value was EUR 43.5 million.